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Alex Linther rammed me twice and got me kicked

Thu Oct 05, 2017 8:35 pm

Mugello - GT legends

He was already doing several mistakes in front of me,
first, after i made a perfect clean overtake, right after another mistake of him, he bumped my inside door (guessing also by mistake, ok then),

but then he went to get some sort of drag at the end of the pit straight (wtf??) even after i went to the inside of the track letting him plenty of room and also the main line,

of course he ended up ramming me again in another of his mistakes, neglecting completely the fact that i obviously had to brake earlier for being at the inside of the corner, this only because i had to be as far away as possible of someone being all over the place since ever.

Someone could argue that it is a racing incident, ok, but why just me being kicked?
And also not polite at all seing someone faster that waited patiently for him make as many mistakes as he pleased, and in return he not only keep blocking and slowing me down but also rammig me and saying it was my fault, not letting even i finish the race so we could talk and solve it like real men.

here is the video, see for yourselves
\/ ... VptZWNaMmM

ps: earlier in another race, Gunja lost his brakes for being at the inside disputing with 2 other guys in a extremely wreckless move, in this exact same place, and knocked me off track from behind since i had the line ( i was in 2nd or 3rd place).. i did not see anyone being kicked of even reprehended.. Again, this feels like double standards...

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